Who can participate?

We are looking for “makers”: students, software developers, IT professionals, technology fans, domain experts, and UX design practitioners who are interested in solving challenges. We are also looking for companies, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and creative minds who will provide challenges that need solutions (challenge providers).


You will work together with other makers on a challenge. Each team should have a min. of 2 and max. of 5 people. You can participate with your own team, but registration is individual. If you are a student, you are eligible to receive 1 ECTS credit for your participation!

If you are a student from the BSc in Business Artificial Intelligence or MSc in Business Information Systems, you can extend your work to get additional credits. Get in touch with the heads of the study programmes for more information.

Registration is mandatory and costs CHF 20. Your physical participation will be rewarded with:

(1) a t-shirt and personal badge (2) free food and drinks (3) coaching from industry and research experts (4) the official MAKEathon digital badge (Badgr) for the proof of attendance. Please show your ticket at the registration desk.

We look forward to your participation! Hurry up, seats are limited! Click on the following button to register.

Challenge Providers:

Do you have some training data and want to make better use of them? Do you need to understand or explain the decisions and/or predictions made by your Machine Learning algorithm? Do you need a more efficient way to capture all your business-relevant knowledge? Do you operate in a highly regulated environment where certain rules have to be strictly enforced? Or are you simply an entrepreneur and have an innovative idea for which you seek a suitable AI solution?

If the answer to any of these questions is “YES”, register and submit your challenge here. You can also become a sponsor by filling out this form.